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Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs and goals. All intuitive sessions are done Live over the phone or Zoom.

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What is an Intuitive Reading & Healing ?

 As an Intuitive I am able to see your Soul's path and lessons that you've created for yourself for this lifetime in order to learn and grow. 

I guide you to see the BIG picture and true understanding of the events that are happening in your life and your relationships. 

You will be able to release any subconscious blocks that have been limiting you in moving forward in your life, career and relationships. 

You will be able to understand and release any blocks and karmic entanglements from your past lives and heal your Soul. We will dive into your Akashic records if it's needed. 

We will identify and clear any energies that have been affecting your spiritual, emotional and physical health.

True Healing means restoring to Wholeness. 

Looking forward to working with you!




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Private sessions


Personal Session

Get the clarity about your life events and relationships. Heal your past and create steps to move forward.

Akashic Records Reading

We will dive in into your Akashic Records to help you see the Big picture of your life events.

Business Healing

Clearing any energies affecting your business and success. Resetting it to your original mission and prosperity.

House Healing

Clearing the Energy of your house and Resetting it to support your well-being. 

 "Oxana supported me during one of the most challenging experiences of my life, and I can genuinely say that she may have saved my life."


I could not be more grateful for or say enough praise of Oxana and the incredible healing capabilities of her work, but also her genuine heart and intention to support people.

As someone who has gone through a degree of psychic and Clairvoyant training myself, and has had many experiences receiving readings, my work with Oxana was probably one of the best healings and readings I’ve ever had.

She was able to meet the multidimensionality of what I was going through, and therefore, not only did I feel truly seen, but I also experienced healing on the many different levels that were present.

Oxana is incredibly skilled, precise, and professional, and she beautifully balances that with holding a beautiful, compassionate, and safe space for her clients, which enabled me to really dive into the root of what was going on and truly changed my life.

I will forever be grateful to her and cannot recommend working with her enough!!!

 Gabrielle S.

"She can see inside of you to see the very best parts of you."


"Oxana Ormonova has the most amazing gift and I am grateful that she has shared it with me. 

She has the gift of having a window to your soul. And she reflects your true self and potential back to you: like holding up a mirror to your soul. 

She sees things in you that you may not yet see in yourself.

She delivers her gift of insight with clarity and compassion. Our session brought me so much understanding and peace  that I honestly have a hard time putting into words.

Thank you from the bottom of my soul!"

Manju D., Physician & Entrepreneur


"She was also able to open space in me for healing and clear the past trauma incurred from this."


"I reached out to Oxana when I was at a very difficult place in my life. Despite my best efforts a relationship I had been given in this lifetime with was not working out. 

Oxana opened my Akashic records and showed me what that relationship meant for me in this lifetime and my past connections with this individual. 

She was also able to open space in me for healing and clear the past trauma incurred from this. 

I have recommended Oxana to my patients and friends and will continue to use her expertise to help people in my life who are in deep pain and need her guidance." 

N.K., Physician 


"Helped me to find a way to overcome my innermost fears."


"Only occasionally do you meet someone who quickly impresses you with calm confidence such as she has.

 Oxana was able to understand my feelings and some of my innermost fears, and in her own manner show them to me and help me find a way to overcome them.

It is apparent to me that she has unique healing skills, not just in a normally expected manner, but she also has intuitive abilities, that she uses to enhance the healing process." 

Noel, Wentworth Falls, Australia 




"She helps clear negative energy and is able to put so much in perspective. " 


"I am very grateful for the amazing healing work that Oxana provides.  I have had several sessions with her and most recently had her help with my daughter. 


I am grateful for the clarity she provides and her ability to explain to you how energy from your past lives still impacts you today."

Stephanie B., Leadership Coach, Physician


"I have received sessions from Oxana and greatly benefited from it."


She is a kindhearted, caring soul with tremendous intuition and the gift of Divine Healing.

Everyone seeking clarity or wishing for healing or teaching must experience a session with Oxana." 

Ranjan Sundaram, Actor,