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How do you deal with Fear?..

lessons from the ocean
A couple of days ago, I was swimming in the ocean, and a big pod of dolphins showed up. They were having fun playing with a big jellyfish. They were tossing it around to each other, like playing a football game. They are such playful beings and play with whatever they find in the ocean. Then they took off. I was floating in the ocean, admiring the blue sky and turquoise water. It was just this beautiful, perfect day in the sea, my favorite place to be. 
Then I looked down and saw a shark just a few feet away. I was like Oh, you are kinda big and pretty close to me!  But then I turned around and saw another one and the 3rd one coming from behind.  They kept circling me and making passes towards me. I started getting nervous because they were not leaving me alone. Usually, when I see them, they stay at the bottom and mind their own business. I kept still and was trying to maintain eye contact with all 3 of them. But it wasn't fun to be outnumbered. I was the only one in the water 1/2 mile away from the shore. I had a survival instinct kick in with the thought of fleeing.
But this is the biggest mistake you can make: turn your back to the shark and start swimming away. After a few minutes, I slowly backed off, watching their every move.
Later in meditation, I asked the sharks what was their message for me.  They said, "Own your Power. You are Ohana ( in Hawaiian, it means family). We wanted to show you your power.  FACE your FEARS. Being in the presence of fear, looking it in the eye, and staying calm. You transcend reality. You transcend fear. Fear is only in your mind. We came to help you reflect on your innermost fears so that you can release them."
You don't run away from fear or pretend it's not there. You face it and keep doing what needs to be done regardless of fear. Call all your power and energy back from fear. YOU are the one who made it real and gave your seniority to fear. 
My friends often wonder why sharks keep coming to me... I love how the Universe always reflects on what we are dealing with, helping us to transcend our limitations.  All my life, I've been working on my fear of "being seen." I didn't like to be on social media, being the center of attention, etc. As a child, I feared letting people down and hardly participated in group competitions. What if my team loses because of me? It was a terrifying thought...  
What are you afraid of? How do you deal with fear?