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Discover How Asking the Right Questions Can Transform your Life

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Are you asking the right questions?..


Hello, beautiful souls, 

Have you ever felt like you were just a quick fix to someone else's deep-seated issues? Well, I've been there—more times than I'd like to admit!

As Clairvoyant, one of the most common questions I receive from my clients in the sessions is: “What should I do?” 🤯🤯

People who are drawn to my work are those who want to be of service and follow their Soul’s path. 

It took me some time to learn how to ask the right questions… 

As a healer, I have always wanted to be of service and help people. 

In my early days, my approach was straightforward. I would ask the Universe, "Where am I needed most?" and, oh boy, did it take that request seriously! I found myself in situations and places that felt more like dead ends than paths to healing. 🤣🤣

I would end up in some really challenging situations, jobs, and places. And one time, I even had a criminal with a knife next to my throat threatening to kill me… Well.., he definitely needed Spiritual healing and communication, but it almost cost me my life…😅


In those moments, it hit me. My energy was indeed needed, but I was playing the role of a spiritual “patch” rather than a transformative force. I was patching things up temporarily in environments, people, and organizations that were too broken and were not open to change.  These experiences, while intense, made me realize something crucial—I wasn't happy because I couldn't fully express my gifts or make a lasting impact. 🛟⚓


Then I realized I'd been asking the wrong questions !!! 🌟

That’s when the real transformation began. I stopped asking where I was needed most and started asking, "Where can I fully share my gifts, be happy, and truly serve?" This pivot in my questioning changed everything!

Suddenly, I was no longer just filling gaps; I was helping individuals and communities who were genuinely READY to heal, transform, and grow. 💃🕺

Now, I turn the question over to you: What questions are YOU asking yourself? If you find they're leading you down a prickly path strewn with more thorns than roses, perhaps it's time to reconsider those questions. 

Remember, asking "What should I do?" often keeps you tethered to the expectations and “wants” of others rather than aligned with your own highest good, joy, and spiritual growth.

The “ What should I do?” question usually won’t lead you in the right direction…👀 🛑

In my next post, I’ll delve deeper into the pitfalls of "should" questions and explore how we can shift our inquiries for a more fulfilling and impactful journey.

So, if you’re ready to stop being a patch to others’ problems and start transforming your life,  let’s start asking the right questions together.

Reach out, and let’s set your Soul on a path that not only needs but truly cherishes your unique gifts. The path that brings you joy and fulfillment! 🌟💖