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Are you afraid of being seen?...

lessons from the ocean


Hey there, remember I told you about my encounter with three wise sharks who taught me a lesson about fear? ( read my blog post from 9/17/23)  Well, it turns out Mother Nature had another lesson for me! 

So there I was, just a few days after my shark chat, back at my favorite swimming spot. The water was crystal clear, and the sun was dancing on the surface.

Suddenly, I saw a magnificent bright red Octopus sitting proudly atop the coral reef, in all his glory and soooo visible in the shallow water. I gasped in excitement, I hadn't seen an Octopus in months! I feel I accumulated bad karma with them because I loved eating marinated octopuses many years ago when I lived in Greece. 

So, when I see these amazing creatures now, I always offer a heartfelt apology and ask for forgiveness. 

 I took a deep breath and dove down to meet him. But he didn't seem to be thrilled about the impromptu visit. He reluctantly moved from his coral.  But as soon as I resurfaced, guess where he was? Yep, back on his coral throne, sitting like a king. I dove down again, telling him he needed to hide or change his color! If spearfishermen will see him, they will kill him! I dove down a couple more times and finally, he gave in and moved into a more obscure spot. Phew!

I asked Mr. Octopus what lesson he was trying to teach me with his “be seen” theatrics. His response was nothing short of profound: 

"It's about being seen. Don't be afraid to be seen. Don't shy away or hide. Be present in your glory, power, and certainty. Be seen despite other's judgments and threats. You are always supported. Shine your Light. You are the Light of the world."

And it got me thinking about how often we humans hide our true selves because of fear. We hold back, we dim our light, and we show up as a smaller version of who we really are.

I work with so many clients who are afraid of being seen. Afraid of truly being themselves.

Let's say, you are showing up in the world as a smaller version of yourself, like only 20%. Then you will attract romantic partners, who can only have that 20% of you. And this relationship will not work in the long run, as you start changing and becoming a more authentic self. Or if you are an entrepreneur trying to grow your business. If you are only showing up as 20% of yourself, your ideal clients won't find you, despite all your marketing and social media efforts. Because they are looking for your unique energy, they are looking for YOU!  

And why do we do this? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Maybe it's how we were raised or the expectations placed upon us. 

We adapt to our environment, jobs, or relationships just to fit in and survive, much like an octopus changing colors to blend in.

But here's the beauty of it: when you stop hiding and start being your authentic self, something magical happens. You attract the right people, your tribe, who celebrate and support you for who you truly are. Your business and career opportunities align with your gifts and strengths.  

So, let's not be like Octopus, constantly changing our colors to blend in or hide from the world. 

Each one of us is a powerful, divine Soul with everything we need already inside us.

Let's celebrate our glory and shine brightly!  🌟💫